A working set of rituals for Pair Programming

opinion programming 14 Aug 2018

I have been doing pair programming for a while, and I would like to share a set of rituals that I use while doing pair programming. They are not the kind with hard boundaries, but you should try keeping the checklist in mind while talking to your pair.

Converging to monorepo

opinion 13 Jul 2018

A revision control tool is more than its interface, but also its ecosystem of tools and pool of professionals that can use it, and they play a central role in developers workflow that it affects how they think and work.

Catalog of error handling patterns in Go

go 02 Dec 2017

This post is a catalog of error handling patterns that I have collected while working with Go. I do not claim these are good or that you should use them. I report them here so as a reference source for debate if you find yourself debating error handling tactic with someone this list is a useful place that you can point to explain what you mean.

Critique on "return nil, err"

go opinion 26 Feb 2017

If you have been writing Go code, it is very likely that you have written or read a piece of code that looked as following:

Data Structures First

programming opinion 16 Dec 2015

These statements are profound. They are usually quoted as pieces of wisdom, in which the authors provide sufficient authority to prevent challenging.

Thoughts on minimalism and software construction

opinion minimalism 20 Jul 2015

Recently, I decided to embrace minimalism in more aspects of my craft. These are some random thoughts about it and the process I am living now.

Notes on PHP Programming

programming php opinion 24 May 2015

I do not want to write a guide or a standard here about PHP programming. These are opinions that I have been thinking of and accumulating for a long time, and are based on experience, thus I hope they will help you about thinking the details of writing PHP code. If you disagree with them or think they are twisting some PHP design decision, fine. But if they spark on the thoughts on why you disagree with me, that is better.