Oversight: supervision trees for Go

programming go erlang 25 Nov 2018

I have a hidden love for the Erlang ecosystem. Erlang talked concurrency and distributed programming in the time where processors were still evolving according to Moore’s law. Often people resist Erlang due to its syntax - but once you learn how to grok the pattern matching, it is a fascinating language to use to build critical software.

A working set of rituals for Pair Programming

opinion programming 14 Aug 2018

I have been doing pair programming for a while, and I would like to share a set of rituals that I use while doing pair programming. They are not the kind with hard boundaries, but you should try keeping the checklist in mind while talking to your pair.

Converging to monorepo

opinion 13 Jul 2018

A revision control tool is more than its interface, but also its ecosystem of tools and pool of professionals that can use it, and they play a central role in developers workflow that it affects how they think and work.